February 19, 2009

The Right To Be Rich

We all have not only the right to be rich as also we all have the possibility to be it. Evolution it is an Universal Constant and the evolved human being is a rich human at least in our society. It is far more easy to develop spirituality if people have the money to satisfy all their needs. Having equal importance in the evolution of the human being (Body, Mind and Soul) the true evolved human being is the one that developed all the three aspects for which we live for.

To think or to be satisfied with little when the Universe has as so much to give is a sign of the mental aspect not yet enough evolved that do not allow abundance in their lives. There are many people who say they dream to be rich one day, but the deep thought is that they are destined to the life they live. The right to the wealth is not yet developed in these people and wold be a good idea to start with this subject, the right to be rich.

Those who want can start already training his own right to be wealthy by convincing themselves that they have this right. Some people need more training than others but the goal is the same and as in a race of 100 meters some runner arrives first but all arrive at the end. With more or less time all people can achieve the goal and cross the line that separates rich from poor.

The Science of Getting Rich is the right to success that we all have and to the infinite universal abundance. The thing is we need to open the jar so abundance can enter. We don´t need to take from others what is already ours by right. We just need to tune so that energy called money start filling the jar we just opened.

One of our biggest limitations to be rich is the mental limitation that keep telling us that we are faded to the life we have which blocks any attempt to be rich. If that barrier is not crossed that to be rich can be very difficult. It is necessary to remove all mental limitations that conscious or unconscious tell us that we can not be rich and replace them by healthy and wealthy thoughts like "I have the right to be rich".

It is good idea to work on this kind of limitations because they are a pain in the ass to anyone that wish to be rich.

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