February 14, 2009

Promote Using Safe Lists

If you are willing to promote some kind of business or even a blog or site there is one way you should consider to advertise them: SafeLists

Safe Lists are sites where we can send our advertisement to thousands of people. The better ones are the ones that use credits. People have to click a link at the end of the message to earn credits that can be used later to send messages. Its a fair trade that to send messages we have also to read messages, or to buy credits if you are not a great clicker.

My two safelists that I can suggest you have some differences but I like them both. The FreeSafeListMailer have a huge membership to be reached by your email messages and it is giving away $10 free in cash as bonus registration and it is completely free with upgrades options. Very easy to navigate and very professional.

The other is the recent born MoonLightingTextAds that I am liking very much. This safelist is very recent so it is a great time to join and take advantage of all promotions and free upgrades they have to conquer people at the begining.

Moon Lighting Text Ads FREE Member Promo Pack

The Promo Pack here will give you a great start:
Claim Promo Code: letsmoonlight

1 Solo Ad
1 Traffic Link-100 views each
2 Banners-1000 views each

And... Because you have read my ad... A SPECIAL Thank You!

As A NEW Member... Use Promo Code "Thanks" for
1 MORE Traffic Link with 100 views...

That's another 100 GUARANTEED Visitors
for a Total of 200 GUARANTEED Vistors to Your Biz!

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