February 21, 2009

Advertising at Weekend

I guess Marketeers never rest at least not until they are rich enough to not have to work at weekends and rich enough to have some nice yearly vacations. Until then I guess I will have to work when needed and more profitable. Many times I have to work at night to get synchronized with North America Time and reach people there with my promotions.

Weekends are also good to advertise and promote because many of the programs I use to adertise my sites are traffic exchange programs that many times have promotions at weekends doubling credits and giving away many bonuses. That way I get a lot more visits for my sites and products.

I use other promotion methods like safelists that are other cool way to advertise having the possibility to reach thousands with each email message. People have to click at the end of the messages so they have to see the message and if it is a appealing one it will catch the atention. It is a method not to underestimate as I had some good results specially with solo email ads.

Downline builders are other great way to promote if you are promoting affiliate programs of every kind including traffic exchange and paid email programs. I use some downline builders and I am having good results with some of them specially the ones that work on a credit system.

For now I will not promote anything else as I am a litle bit tired and need to rest for a while. I think I will see some cartoons to relax and take a nice nap :)


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