February 22, 2009

How To Make Money From Nothing

How to earn money working at home seems to be a search that people are making everyday. Very understandable if we take in consideration that many people are having hard times with the so called reccession. The money that comes in is less than the money that goes out and that is a very stressfull life that no one likes to live.

That is a right that people have and I remember very well when I told to myself that I have the right to be rich also. I allways felt since I was a young boy that I could be rich if I wanted it enough like evrything else on my life. When I want something my mind focus so much in the goal that it will only stop when the goal is reached and to tell the true that is something that make feel alive. Without a goal my life wold be much more borins and meaningless.

So now I have this goal to be rich that I want to share with everybody that is on the river of opportunities sailing to the ocean of abundance. The goal is there so while I am sailing on the flow I am on the right path as opportunities are made to the ones who can use them.

I am using the opportunities that com across my way to prove that is possible getting rich starting from almost nothing. In this case starting with a personal computer and a internet conection. That´s how I started to making money on the internet. I have started by the low level of the pyramid of making money.

That are traffic exchange and paid email sites. Free ads and everything else I could find like foruns, blogs, social bookmarking, and whatever more I could find free. Free and earn money were the keywords that I used most to start from nothing. I took advantage of free upgrades and I started to advertising affiliate products with the money and credits I´ve earned with traffic exchange, paid email and others.

Then I started to make some upgrades and my commissions start raising. Using only free ways to advertise it was possible to make enough money for upgrades and avertising and start a cicling wheel of money coming in. Having some money to invest things are much more easier and much more automated than when I started.

So don´t you think you can´t make money starting from nothing because you can! Read More......

February 21, 2009

Advertising at Weekend

I guess Marketeers never rest at least not until they are rich enough to not have to work at weekends and rich enough to have some nice yearly vacations. Until then I guess I will have to work when needed and more profitable. Many times I have to work at night to get synchronized with North America Time and reach people there with my promotions.

Weekends are also good to advertise and promote because many of the programs I use to adertise my sites are traffic exchange programs that many times have promotions at weekends doubling credits and giving away many bonuses. That way I get a lot more visits for my sites and products.

I use other promotion methods like safelists that are other cool way to advertise having the possibility to reach thousands with each email message. People have to click at the end of the messages so they have to see the message and if it is a appealing one it will catch the atention. It is a method not to underestimate as I had some good results specially with solo email ads.

Downline builders are other great way to promote if you are promoting affiliate programs of every kind including traffic exchange and paid email programs. I use some downline builders and I am having good results with some of them specially the ones that work on a credit system.

For now I will not promote anything else as I am a litle bit tired and need to rest for a while. I think I will see some cartoons to relax and take a nice nap :)


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February 19, 2009

Traffic-Splash Review

Traffic-Splash is one of my favorites traffic exchange programs. Owned by Paul Kindler that sure gives a great support and feedback. The results that I am having with this site are great. I am getting a lot of sign ups for my other programs and I am getting cash commissions for the upgrades and advertisements purchased by my down line.

Even if I thought that a six second timer wold not be enough to promote my programs, the fact is that the results show that it is possible to promote and catch the buyer in only six seconds using splash pages that call the attention.

Below are the features for free and pro membership. Every 15 pages Traffic-Splash give away credits and splash points that can be traded and is always having nice promotions and contests not to talk the up to 50% cash commissions.

Free Membership Benefits
---------- 3:1 Surf Ratio plus ...
---------- 6 seconds timer
---------- HUGE Surf Rewards
---------- 5% Credits for every page your referrals surf
---------- Show up to 5 websites
---------- 10% Commission for every Pro Referral
---------- 3 Hits Connect Approved Rotators

SPECIAL Membership Benefits

---------- 1.5:1 Surf Ratio plus ...
---------- HUGE Surf Rewards
---------- 5% Credits for every page your referrals surf
---------- Show up to 10 websites
---------- 35% Commission for every Pro Referral
---------- 6 Hits Connect approved rotators
---------- 200 Credits per month
---------- 500 banner ads per month
---------- 500 text ads per month
---------- 5% Commission for Referral's credit purchases
---------- Exclusive Special Offers
---------- Exclusive Special Training
---------- And More to Come ....

PRO Membership Benefits

---------- 1:1 Surf Ratio plus ....
---------- HUGE Surf Rewards
---------- 5% Credits for every page your referrals surf
---------- Show up to 20 websites
---------- 50% Commission for every Pro Referral
---------- 8 Hits Connect approved rotators
---------- 500 Credits per month
---------- 2,500 banner ads per month
---------- 2,500 text ads per month
---------- 10% Commission on Referrals credit purchases
---------- Random Referrals
---------- Exclusive Special Offers
---------- Exclusive Special Training
---------- And More to Come ....

---------- Visit Traffic-Splash Read More......

The Right To Be Rich

We all have not only the right to be rich as also we all have the possibility to be it. Evolution it is an Universal Constant and the evolved human being is a rich human at least in our society. It is far more easy to develop spirituality if people have the money to satisfy all their needs. Having equal importance in the evolution of the human being (Body, Mind and Soul) the true evolved human being is the one that developed all the three aspects for which we live for.

To think or to be satisfied with little when the Universe has as so much to give is a sign of the mental aspect not yet enough evolved that do not allow abundance in their lives. There are many people who say they dream to be rich one day, but the deep thought is that they are destined to the life they live. The right to the wealth is not yet developed in these people and wold be a good idea to start with this subject, the right to be rich.

Those who want can start already training his own right to be wealthy by convincing themselves that they have this right. Some people need more training than others but the goal is the same and as in a race of 100 meters some runner arrives first but all arrive at the end. With more or less time all people can achieve the goal and cross the line that separates rich from poor.

The Science of Getting Rich is the right to success that we all have and to the infinite universal abundance. The thing is we need to open the jar so abundance can enter. We don´t need to take from others what is already ours by right. We just need to tune so that energy called money start filling the jar we just opened.

One of our biggest limitations to be rich is the mental limitation that keep telling us that we are faded to the life we have which blocks any attempt to be rich. If that barrier is not crossed that to be rich can be very difficult. It is necessary to remove all mental limitations that conscious or unconscious tell us that we can not be rich and replace them by healthy and wealthy thoughts like "I have the right to be rich".

It is good idea to work on this kind of limitations because they are a pain in the ass to anyone that wish to be rich.

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February 15, 2009

Recession And Making Money From Home

How to make money from home it´s a subject that attract more people every day and we can see that easily on Google searches and Cost of PPC Words. For many reasons people are getting tired of the kind of live that most of the people have. Low pay checks, high working hours, rude bosses and many other factors are pushing people to claim their independence.

To help this feeling we have the recession that only affect the common citizen asking him even more sacrifices when the welness is so much out there and the money is still there with crisis or without it. The growing unjustices push even more the citizen to don´t want to depend on corporations and bosses that only can see profit and don´t care about their workers.

It is fair to expect that people look for better lives for themselves and their families and look for some evolution on their lives. They know that they will not be rich keeping working 8 hours a day in some company that can move sooner or later to Asia or Africa where they hire workers far more cheaper than you.

Recession divides the waters. At one side we can find the ones that will sacrifice even more and pay with their work and body for the crisis as they will receive less money and pay more for everything. On the other side we have the people that saw a blessing on the recession that triggered the process that took them to start their own home based business.

And that´s the difference. While some are complaining about the recession and are paying it, others are taking advantage of it doing what they always wanted to do. Read More......

February 14, 2009

Make Money Easy and Fast With Matrix

A program that I am working right now is a $3 dollar matrix system where it is possible to make thousands referring only 3 persons as it works on a 3x15 based matrix. When people join the matrix under you you receive money and when the matrix is completes the profit is of hundreds of dollars.

Matrix programs are good ways to earn some money fast. They are cheap and you don´t have to wait until the matrix is completed as payments are made weekly. So what you have to do is refer the most you can at the beginning so you can have people under you that will do the rest of the job.

If you are looking for a way to earn money easy and fast then you should take a look at this one WorkFor3Dollars.

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Promote Using Safe Lists

If you are willing to promote some kind of business or even a blog or site there is one way you should consider to advertise them: SafeLists

Safe Lists are sites where we can send our advertisement to thousands of people. The better ones are the ones that use credits. People have to click a link at the end of the message to earn credits that can be used later to send messages. Its a fair trade that to send messages we have also to read messages, or to buy credits if you are not a great clicker.

My two safelists that I can suggest you have some differences but I like them both. The FreeSafeListMailer have a huge membership to be reached by your email messages and it is giving away $10 free in cash as bonus registration and it is completely free with upgrades options. Very easy to navigate and very professional.

The other is the recent born MoonLightingTextAds that I am liking very much. This safelist is very recent so it is a great time to join and take advantage of all promotions and free upgrades they have to conquer people at the begining.

Moon Lighting Text Ads FREE Member Promo Pack

The Promo Pack here will give you a great start:
Claim Promo Code: letsmoonlight

1 Solo Ad
1 Traffic Link-100 views each
2 Banners-1000 views each

And... Because you have read my ad... A SPECIAL Thank You!

As A NEW Member... Use Promo Code "Thanks" for
1 MORE Traffic Link with 100 views...

That's another 100 GUARANTEED Visitors
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The Law of Attraction in Every Day Life

Ether we like it or not there are some things that we can´t escape from and one of them is the Law of Attraction. Maybe we can not see it or even feel it but it is there waiting to be understandably and waiting to be used in the every day life or to accomplish great goals.

Many people have already met the Law of Attraction and their lives changed when they found how things work in this Planet and Universe. The understanding that we can not change the Law but we can use it in our favor can change anyones life.

Off course it´s not so easy to use the Law of the Attraction or everybody wold be rich by now as the Law is known for decades in western countries. It´s far more easy to understand it maybe than to use it because it needs that people concentrate and feel like the person they want to be.

That is a big problem for people that want to be rich but can´t see themselves like rich persons and that is why there are so many teachers right now teaching how to use the Law of Attraction. And many are scam because after the movie "The Secret" and accomplished success, the opportunists always try to make some money. So be prudent and look for the masters if you are willing to learn how to be rich or to use the Law of Attraction.

As you may all know Bob Proctor is one of that masters. If you saw him on the movie "The Secret" you know what I am talking about but you can check it here also if you don´t. Teach how to use the Law of Attraction is the job of Bob Proctor and he is doing that for years graduating students trough the success they achieve in getting rich and changing their lives.

You can learn much more with the master so please contact him for more informations here at the Science of Getting Rich Seminar.

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Practice To Be Rich

There are several ways for someone to get rich from nothing and Internet had increased a lot the chances to get rich for a common person. Even without knowledge if the will is present everything is possible including to be rich. It´s not much different from other things that you already have mentally acquired like: "If I do exercise I will have more muscles" and why should it be different with getting rich?

Practice is what it is need and the will to reach a goal that sure it is to be rich. Maybe you think that is not possible to learn how to get rich or to practice the way of getting rich but thats exactly what we need to change first. You can´t think that you can´t be rich if you want to be rich!

If you want to date someone you will not tell your self that you are ugly and things like that, you will take a bath and even put some perfume to look nice and have a greater effect. We want the same with your thought on getting rich. We want to see you telling your self that you deserve to be rich, that you can learn to be rich, that you can accomplish your goals!

Thousands of persons have learned how to be rich so you don´t think that they are smarter or more than you. They just had the "luck" to find someone to teach them and show them how to put in practice methods that proves to work.

Everybody can be rich but not everybody will grab the opportunities neither everybody is prepared to be rich but I guess you are :)

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