March 8, 2009

My List Is Growing

When you start from scratch on the journey to be rich you need to be patient because everything take a little more time to accomplish. That´s why I suggest that if you have money invest some to speed up some processes. For now everything I earn is to be re-invested again so I can reach my goal faster.

I am having a good feedback from traffic exchange programs that allow us to have the referrals email contact. Building a nice down line on those traffic exchange is most profitable as you can email your referrals with other offers you may have. Building that list is very important for marketeers as it is a way to contact people directly.

If you are here to make money take that in consideration when joining traffic exchange programs. I don´t use traffic exchange only to advertise my sites and programs, I use it also to build a list and to earn commissions from referrals spendings.

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Dan Carpenter said...

Just a note, I couldn't read your page as the type and background clash. You may want to make your text lighter! Best of luck! Dan

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