March 26, 2009

How To Earn Money With ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the most important sources for the marketer that wants to make money on the Internet without having a product to sell.
You can find thousands of products at Clickbank Marketplace most of them paying 50 to 75% in commissions so most of the profit goes to the publisher (you and me). With a large variety of products you will be able to find a specific niche product or choose between the most popular products.

You will need three things to start a business online with Clickbank:

1st - You will need to open an account at Clicbank which you can do it here: Register at Clickbank

2nd - You will need a Paypal account to receive your money: Register at Paypal

3rd - You will need to advertise the product you have chosen. And this is what makes the success of some and the failure of others. To sell something we need clients and to get clients we need to reach people that are potential clients. Advertising is the way we sell so we need to find ways to advertise "our product".

I use several ways to advertise my Clickbank Products. There are the free ways for the ones that don´t have the money to start paid campaigns which was my case, and there are the paid campaigns like Pay Per Click (PPC) at Google Adwords or Yahoo Advertising.

I have started with the free ones as in the beginning I hadn´t any money to invest on paid campaigns. One of the free ways to advertise that I still use are Traffic Exchanges where I can promote my Clickbank products and in exchange I have to see websites from other members.

Credit Safe Lists are another free way to advertise. Earn credits for clicking a link on email messages so you can have credits to send your advertising message to thousands of members. I use FreeSafeListMailer as my main promotional credit safe list but you can find a lot of them on the Internet.

I also use some forums where I can leave my signature on every message I post. Generally 3 or 4 links are allowed so it is possible to promote one or more products/sites using the signature at forums. Some examples are the FreeAdForum or the WarriorForum.

This is the hard way because if you have some money to invest you can buy credits on the programs above without having to spend time clicking and clicking. All Marketers that are making big profits are using Google Adwords and other PPC programs. PPC is still the way to get more conversions from advertising campaigns. Soon as I had some money I started investing at Google Adwords to learn how to use it and check the conversion rates.

You can go step by step or start investing some money which will get you results much faster.

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