January 22, 2009

The world energy crisis

One of the ways to make money with the crisis is to invest in energy. It is possible today to produce energy that can be sold to energetic companies for twice the price they sell.

With prices of the regular energetic sources coming up and up every year it is difficult to the regular citizen to face the energetic expenses and it is always the citizen that pays the bigger check.

Many people are already producing electricity for them selves and they sell the rest to the electric companies. They get the electricity from solar panels , wind mills and other forms that can be better explained here at this website that is all about earning money making electricity.

We depend so much of others and when there are crisis we have no power as they change the rules as they want and we buy it or don´t buy it. We have seen it in 2008 with oil! What a joke the prices that oil was and what could we do? Where to buy cheaper gas? What to put on my car so it can work? I had to follow the rule if I want gas and the rule was a big big price for oil.

I hope everybody opened their eyes a little bit more and saw that energetic companies are not poorer, people are but they change that as they gain more and more independence and energetic independence is one of the important ones to start with.

So change to solar or wind power and start saving at the end of the month bills and even earn money if you produce enough energy to sell the one you don´t use. A roof full of solar panels can do the job for having "free" electricity and for selling some to the companies.

Off course is still expensive even with government help on that purchases but if you know what you are doing you can save a lot of money and get back the invested money in some years. It is a investment for life and for the planet that screams in agony because we suck It to the last drop of "blood" when we could be using free and/or cheap energy in so many forms much more viable and with no problems when it ends.

If the Sun decides to stop giving us his heat than we don´t need to worry about the energy prices or anything else because we´ll all be dead. So why don´t we use the sun energy if there are technology for that? Governments are manipulated by corporations and so they will delay the most they can the change to alternative sources of energy so the big oil money machine can still profit.

If we wait, it will be the same companies to grab the sun and wind power market and we will again have to pay a lot of money for free energy. Sooner we install some solar panels sooner we get free from the tentacles of the energetic industries.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to get rid of the electric bill. Get the complete guide at Earth4Energy

Learn how to do it and start helping the Planet but most of all start helping yourself!

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